Friday, July 23, 2010

This Week at the Library

I feel like I've been able to learn a few more kids' names lately, which really makes me happy. I have one of those brains that has a very hard time with that. Some kids' names stick, but some just don't. There are a few kids who have come faithfully for over a year, and I know I've been told their names probably several times, yet for the life of me I just can't hold on to those names. I hate that! And I almost never get to learn the moms' names. Right now, I'm remembering that someone introduced herself by name, but is that name coming back to me? Sigh....

Baby Time

We did several "bounce on the knees" rhymes this week, and one little girl just thought that was the most fun ever. Every time Mom started bouncing, she got the biggest grin on her face! Quite adorable. I love watching these little ones grow. One mom comes with three kids - a four year old, two year old and baby. I think she was pregnant when she brought the oldest to Toddler Time, so I've seen two babies born and make their way through our programs, learning to walk, talk, do "The Eentsy Weentsy Spider" and listen to stories. I still think I have the best job in the world.

Toddler Time

One benefit this summer of having small groups is that when I pull out the maracas or pompoms, the kids get two to shake around!

This week we read:

Where's Spot?, by Eric Hill. Oh the suspense! They squeal and clap when we finally find Spot on the last page.
Here Come Poppy and Max, by Lindsy Gardiner. This is another book where we get to stand up and jump around while we read it, which makes it all the more fun.

Preschool Storytime

We were all about Cats this week. I got to tell one of my favorite stories with the magnetic board, The Fat Cat, by Jack Kent. The kids go absolutely crazy when I put up each progressively enormous cat on the board. The book is out of print, but you can find used copies on Amazon (and pay up to $79.95 too!).

Wish Come True Cat, by Ragnhild Scamell. A little girl wishes for a cute cuddly kitten, but gets a scruffy tom cat. Turns out he's just perfect.
Katie Loves the Kittens, by John Himmelman. Katie the dog loves the kittens so much she chases them and scares them. Then she feels horribly guilty when she eats their food. But when she's finally quiet, they make friends. Very cute illustrations.
The Cat Barked?, by Lydia Monks. A cat wishes he were a dog, til he finds out dogs have to do un-cat like things, and that cats have a pretty good life after all. Now the dog wishes he were a cat!
Four Fierce Kittens, by Joyce Dunbar. The adorable tiny kittens try to be scary and fierce, but end up being scared by the farm animals instead. Finally they scare a puppy and are quite proud of themselves. This is really fun to read aloud - using big and scary body language, but only saying a tiny kitten "mew".

The two fingerplays we did were "My Kitty," and "Three Little Kittens."

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