Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This blog/website is for parents who attend my Storytimes, and for those interested in my book Cliffhanger Writing Prompts. 

In the labels you will find the words to all the fingerplays, songs and rhymes we do at Preschool Storytime, Toddler Time and Baby Time. There are also posts about how children participate, how parents can encourage their children, early literacy, funny stories, even my soapboxes discourses called "Opinionated Postings." In the past I listed the books I read every week at the various storytimes. Now, however, if you'd like to know the title and/or author of a book you heard, please send me an email or comment here, and I'm happy to give you that information.

From time to time I get to take my book of cliffhanger stories to a group of children. Often I come away with something hilarious or thought-provoking, and I'll post that here or on the "And then..." page.

Please feel free to give me your feedback on library happenings. Or if you're using my book in your classroom, let me know how it's going!