Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Week at the Library

There were some real sweethearts at the library this week. I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and a hug and a kiss in the middle of my belly - the poor little guy couldn't reach my cheek. Also, at Preschool Storytime, right after I announced to the parents that my book was out and was available for purchase, one little guy (the one who showed me his Spiderman underpants) said, "I want one!" He jumped up, grabbed a book off the table, and took it back to his seat. How adorable!

Preschool Storytime

I love summer when I get to see my old friends who abandoned me for school! (How could they?)

We were all about rabbits this week. We sang "Little Bunny Foo Foo," and did the "What Am I" fingerplay. We read:

A Boy and His Bunny, by Sean Bryan. On Wednesday I managed to read the whole book with a bunny on my head. It's a very silly book.

Daley B., by Jon Blake. Daley B. decides to live in a tree and eat acorns, but finally learns what he is when a weasel wants to eat him. He also learns his big feet are useful!

Dance Away, by George Shannon. We really had fun doing our little "Left, two, three, kick!" dance.

Henry and the Red Stripes, by Eileen Christelow. I loved the grins on the children's faces when I told them Henry painted red stripes all over himself. I could tell they thought that looked like fun.

Toddler Time

Pretty small groups this week. I think lots of people are on vacation or staying home with grade school kids. But it meant we could blow bubbles without collisions and bumped heads, and children could have two noisemakers for "The Ants Go Marching."

We tried a new fingerplay this week. It has two stanzas, which I figured out right away was too long. I've shortened it down to this:

Tippy Tippy Tiptoe

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, girls and boys.
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, don't make noise.
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe through the house.
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, like a mouse.

We read:

Good Morning, Sam, by Marie-Louise Gay. This one is borderline for two-year-olds, but the three's like it.

Where's Spot?, by Eric Hill. They really get into the suspense of this, and cheer when we finally find him.

Baby Time

No lack of babies this week! We had a great crowd: itty bitty babies, and walkers intent on exploring the room instead of sitting on Mom's lap. We read Where Is Baby's Belly Button, by Karen Katz. She really has a corner on the market for baby books. She's great!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Here!

My book arrived on my doorstep today! Hooray! I'm afraid I screamed so loudly I scared my daughters, but they celebrated with me once they knew what was going on. I'll have copies for sale at Storytime if anyone would like one.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

This Week at the Library

There will be no Toddler Time or Baby Time on Thursday, June 16.

Preschool Storytime

We said goodbye to the frogs and tadpoles this week. We got to see several of them grow up into itty bitty frogs that sat on my fingertip. A few tadpoles even went home with children. I hope they do well. They're pretty cheap pets!

Our theme this week was "Dragons." I have a fun storyprop for Purple Hair? I Don't Care, by Diane Young.

The books were:

There's No Such Thing as a Dragon, by Jack Kent. Kids think it's funny, but the lesson is really for us parents. When something (or someone) wants attention, it's only going to get bigger and bigger.

Where Did All the Dragons Go?, by Fay Robinson. I love the illustrations in this one. The dragons look awesome!

The Paper Bag Princess, by Robert Munsch. This is a fun story to read aloud. And you can see the five-year-olds' wheels turning when Ronald the prince is a jerk and Elizabeth the princess doesn't marry him.

The Best Pet of All, by David LaRochelle. They loved the dragon in the bathtub full of spaghetti.

Toddler Time

This week a woman brought her niece to Toddler Time for the first time on Tuesday at 9:30. They stayed for the 10:15 session too. The next day they were back at 11:30. Thursday at 10:15 there they were again! She said every morning the little girl says, "Are we going to the library today?" So cute!

We read:

Sleepy Bear, by Lydia Dabocovich. They seemed to have gotten the honey/bee connection.

Go Away, Big Green Monster, by Ed Emberley. The Tuesday 9:30 group was so quiet I had to enlist the parents. But the Wednesday crowd really got into the yelling.

Baby Time

More babies have been graduating lately to Toddler Time. Even if they're too young to actually participate in the finger plays and jumping up and down, they enjoy watching and hearing some familiar rhymes.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Release Day!

My book has been released! I called Scholastic to order copies to sell and asked the customer service person if she knew what day it would be released, wondering if the date I had been told had changed (June 23). She said, "Oh! It's today!" Woohoo! So I'll have copies for sale at the library ($10), or you can order on Amazon here.

If you're interested in having me visit your school or homeschool group, please email me: t.klep(at) I also have a Facebook page for the book. Just put in the title "Cliffhanger Writing Prompts."

Saturday, June 4, 2011

This Week at the Library

One little frog sprouted its front legs this week. I let him sit on the tip of my finger while the children ooohed and aaahed. The next day little froggie had disappeared. Apparently he could crawl out through the vent holes of the tank. He wanted to become a librarian and live in the library office, I guess. He'll be there forever, since I couldn't find him. Poor thing.

But two more sprouted legs today. If they haven't matured too much by Tuesday, we'll get to see them. Once their tails are used up, I have to let them go or they'll starve.

Preschool Storytime

We talked about blankets and blankies this week. You know the difference - blankets are things you wrap up in and stay warm with, blankies are those very special objects that keep the boogeyman away and make everything feel better.

We read:

No More Blanket for Lambkin, by Bernette Ford. Lambkin's friend snatches away her blanket, washes it, ruins it, then fixes everything by making a doll out of it.

Cry Baby, by Ruth Brown. We learned what "unraveling" is. Poor little sister's blanket unravels, but she decides to quit crying and do something about it.

Franklin's Blanket, by Paulette Bourgeois. I love how Franklin's father still has his blankie tucked away.

Owen, by Kevin Henkes. An absolute gem of a book!

I brought in several blankets and one blankie for us to look at - a quilt, a knitted blanket, a receiving blanket, and my daughter's blankie from long ago.

Toddler Time

Someone asked me today if I'll ever get tired of doing Storytime. Even after 14 years, I still love it. I think the day I quit will be the day I decide I'm an old lady. Slithering around on the floor like a snake, galloping like a horse and playing the "freeze" game keep me young and make for a much more fun workout than anything at the YMCA. Those children never cease to make me smile.

Our books this week were:

Opposites, by Robert Crowther. Once again this book held their attention for an amazingly long time. Such a great teaching tool, too!

Slop Goes the Soup, by Pamela Duncan Edwards. I kept asking, "What's going to happen next?" One little boy kept saying, "I don't know Miss Teresa!"

Baby Time

We've discovered that the overturned toy tub makes for a great socializing device. The babies crawl over, pull themselves up, bang on it and stare at each other. Very cute!