School Visits

Children's imaginations amaze me. Every time I visit a classroom or sit with a group of kids to hear their ideas on how my stories should end, I hear something absolutely delightful. There have been disco-dancing alien ants, a sack of golden hamburgers, and a giant chocolate chip cookie singing the national anthem.

In my school visits we spend a little time loosening up the imagination muscles by coming up with an ending to a cliffhanger story together out loud, using a few volunteers. I then tell another story and let the students come up with endings in small groups. After we share those, I tell a third story which the students finish on their own in writing. We listen to several students read theirs aloud, which always surprises the kids when they hear the wildly different directions the stories take. If time permits, I tell a little about the writing and publishing process.

Students get their imaginations flowing, and teachers appreciate getting good raw material for evaluating the children's writing skills and developing targeted lessons.  Here is what one teacher wrote after my visit:

“My students loved your presentation. Several students mentioned how much fun they had, many asked when we were going to "do it again," and several students mentioned their plans to share their stories with their families. All in all, they loved it, and your prompts will be a regular part of our writing program. Thank you for sharing your time and enthusiasm.”

My visits are 45-60 minutes, and I can handle up to two classes at a time. I love to visit homeschool groups as well. Email me for further details:

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