Saturday, June 4, 2011

This Week at the Library

One little frog sprouted its front legs this week. I let him sit on the tip of my finger while the children ooohed and aaahed. The next day little froggie had disappeared. Apparently he could crawl out through the vent holes of the tank. He wanted to become a librarian and live in the library office, I guess. He'll be there forever, since I couldn't find him. Poor thing.

But two more sprouted legs today. If they haven't matured too much by Tuesday, we'll get to see them. Once their tails are used up, I have to let them go or they'll starve.

Preschool Storytime

We talked about blankets and blankies this week. You know the difference - blankets are things you wrap up in and stay warm with, blankies are those very special objects that keep the boogeyman away and make everything feel better.

We read:

No More Blanket for Lambkin, by Bernette Ford. Lambkin's friend snatches away her blanket, washes it, ruins it, then fixes everything by making a doll out of it.

Cry Baby, by Ruth Brown. We learned what "unraveling" is. Poor little sister's blanket unravels, but she decides to quit crying and do something about it.

Franklin's Blanket, by Paulette Bourgeois. I love how Franklin's father still has his blankie tucked away.

Owen, by Kevin Henkes. An absolute gem of a book!

I brought in several blankets and one blankie for us to look at - a quilt, a knitted blanket, a receiving blanket, and my daughter's blankie from long ago.

Toddler Time

Someone asked me today if I'll ever get tired of doing Storytime. Even after 14 years, I still love it. I think the day I quit will be the day I decide I'm an old lady. Slithering around on the floor like a snake, galloping like a horse and playing the "freeze" game keep me young and make for a much more fun workout than anything at the YMCA. Those children never cease to make me smile.

Our books this week were:

Opposites, by Robert Crowther. Once again this book held their attention for an amazingly long time. Such a great teaching tool, too!

Slop Goes the Soup, by Pamela Duncan Edwards. I kept asking, "What's going to happen next?" One little boy kept saying, "I don't know Miss Teresa!"

Baby Time

We've discovered that the overturned toy tub makes for a great socializing device. The babies crawl over, pull themselves up, bang on it and stare at each other. Very cute!

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