Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Week at the Library

Good to see more of my old friends back this week, and lots of new ones too! Kids must be getting bored at home and parents are out looking for activities again. We had a good time together!

Preschool Storytime

We were all about ducks this week. We did "Animal Action" and moved like ducks, among other things. And I did the flannelboard story "Duckling Tries His Voice" and we laughed at the idea of duckling trying to sound like a cat or a cow and saying "Mee-ack!" and "Moo-ack!"

We read:

Duckat, by Gaelyn Gordon. Mabel finds a duck at her doorstep that says "Meow" and acts like a cat until it has to get down from a lamppost.
Do Like a Duck Does, by Judy Hindley. The fox tries to do like a duck does, but finally has to give up when he can't swim.
Duck On a Bike, by David Shannon. I read this on Wednesday. A duck rides a bike on a farm, and all the other animals think it's pretty weird, until they get the chance to ride bikes too.
Quacky Duck, by Paul Rogers. Quacky Duck quacks when she's happy, and is happy when she quacks. She meets a handsome drake and they live quackily ever after.
Mucky Duck!, by Sally Grindley. Mucky Duck is clean - sometimes. He just has too much fun to stay that way.

Toddler Time

Great to see so many new faces! Anyone new to Toddler Time and new to this blog, please read my posts about expectations and participation. Basically, if you participate, your child will too, but maybe not right away. You're the best encouragement.

We read:
Spot Goes to School, by Eric Hill. Spot LOVES his new school.
Barnyard Banter, by Denise Fleming. The barnyard animals make their noises in their respective homes, but where's goose?

Baby Time

We had three month old infants, and a few about to turn one, so the variety was so much fun. Isn't it amazing what a huge difference a few months make! Grasping, sitting up, crawling, walking. I love watching it!

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