Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sorry I'm Late!

It's been a busy week having my college-age daughter home, and I'm late posting the goings on at Storytime this last week. But Sara is back to Spokane now, and I'll be back in my routine, a little sadder, but happy to see my firstborn doing well.

Preschool Storytime

The theme was "Spring", which makes me happy. I always get so giddy when everything gets colorful and the trees green up. The frogs are making an amazing amount of noise, and Mr. Robin is dive-bombing my kitchen window - and sitting on my husband's car rear-view mirror and pooping all over it. He's not feeling as happy as I husband, not the robin. Mr. Robin looks very cheerful.

Anyway, we read:

Four Puppies, by Anne Heathers. This is a Little Golden Book from 1960 that I have from my childhood. It's one of those books that for some inexplicable reason caught my fancy when I was just learning to read. Maybe it's because I had collies growing up. Maybe it's the adorable illustrations of those puppies trying to put the petals back on the rose. I loved this book. It's out of print, and neither the library nor Amazon have it, but you can find it on Ebay.

"The Garden" from Frog and Toad Together, by Arnold Lobel. Poor Toad expects his garden to grow overnight, and works very hard to keep his seeds happy.

In the Rain With Baby Duck, by Amy Hest. I love imitating a whiny pouty Baby Duck.

It's Spring, by Else Minarik. Weird little cats, but a silly story that makes kids giggle.

When Will It Be Spring?, by Catherine Walters. A bear cub keeps waking up during the winter, thinking spring has come, only to be fooled over and over again.

We did the "Rain for the Garden" finger play and pretended to fall into puddles. You can find the words in the labels on the right.

Toddler Time

I wasn't sure if there would be more or fewer kids at Toddler Time this week. (By the way, I loved seeing all the big brothers and sisters visiting from elementary school!) So Tuesday at 9:30 we had about 8 kids, 10:15 was 40! Wednesday and Thursday were smaller groups, so we got to blow bubbles, which I don't usually do when there are tons of kids. (I got away with it Tuesday at 10:15 by doing it early before everyone had arrived.)

The books we read were:

No, David!, by David Shannon. Did you know this book is autobiographical? There's a great note at the very beginning of the book where David Shannon tells about writing a book when he was little with drawings of a naughty David and only the word "no".

Lemons Are Not Red, by Laura Seeger. This is a great book for teaching colors. The cut-out layered pages are fascinating for the little ones too.

Baby Time

We had a few 2-3 month old babies this week. So adorable! It's easy at Baby Time to adapt the bouncy rhymes to the age of your baby. There's no one right way to do them. Whatever works for you and your baby is fine.

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