Friday, March 5, 2010

This Week at the Library

Preschool Storytime

Our theme this week was "Hippos" and I managed to squeeze in six books! Yeah, I ran a few minutes over, but I just couldn't leave out George and Martha.

We read about Owen and Mzee, a true story about a giant tortoise and young hippo who became fast friends at an African game park. Mostly I showed the pictures and told about them, as the book is nonfiction and fairly lengthy.

Our other books were:

The Snarlyhissopus, by Alan MacDonald. A cute rendition of the "telephone game" plot. Similar to The Aminal.

Never Babysit the Hippopotamuses, by Doug Johnson. I have an ancient tape recording of this, so we got to listen to the story with music and sound effects.

George and Martha One Fine Day, by James Marshall. This book has five very short stories, and I read the last three. Of course, I picked them so I could say BOO!! and see how many kids jump!

What Could a Hippopotamus Be?, by Mike Thaler. This book is out of print! I'm so happy, though, that nobody cried when we got loud this time.

Face to Face Safari, by Sally Hewitt. A gorgeous pop up book!

Toddler Time

Yay! Some of you came to the 9:30 Tuesday Toddler Time! I think we had over 20 kids, and the 10:15 was definitely smaller.

Someone again seemed disappointed that their child doesn't seem to participate, and a couple of moms left when their child didn't engage and got a little disruptive. While I appreciate taking your child out when he or she is definitely done with Toddler Time for the day, please keep bringing them back. Toddler Time isn't something to try just once and say "Well, that didn't work!" Some kids need time to warm up to it, some may not be ready this month, but will next month. Keep trying!

Baby Time

More twins! It's so much fun to see twins, and whew! lots of work, but I'm happy to take one on my lap if the baby is willing. The little five-week-old was absolutely adorable too!

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