Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Week at the Library

Baby Time

We're celebrating little Cale (did I spell that right?) learning to walk - and not even 10 months old! A couple of others are at that borderline phase between Baby Time and Toddler Time. That baby phase is so short! Bring your little one to Baby Time as long as he seems to get something out of it and don't worry about switching to Toddler Time before he/she is 18 months old. That lower age suggestion is just that - a suggestion.

Toddler Time

I love the conversations I have with the little ones. They're so random and honest and uninhibited. I think we could learn something from them...

This week we read:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, by Bill Martin, Jr. Many of them really got into the "responsive reading" of it. I had fun doing the voices. I finally figured out how to talk like a goldfish!

Two Bear Cubs - can't find the author at this time. Maybe this is out of print. I'm at home and can't find the book on Amazon. The kids loved the idea that the two cubs couldn't find their mother, but she was watching them all the time.

Preschool Storytime

Our theme this week was "Owls". This is a fun topic for me because at one time I was a Zooguide and traveled with the Zoomobile to elementary schools in the area. While I was never a bird handler, I did get to watch and listen to the presentations about owls, and I learned a few cool facts about them.

We read:

Look Who's Counting, by Suse MacDonald. Better than your average counting book.

Owl Babies, by Martin Waddell. I saw someone do the little owl puppet for Bill "I want my mommy!" so I decided to try it. What a hit!

Lazy Ozzie, by Michael Coleman. The kids love going back to find the mom on every page. I just wish Ozzie had a few more consequences for lying.

The story I told on the flannelboard was Good Night Owl, by Pat Hutchins. I'm not too good at the bird call imitations, but it's still fun.

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