Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last Week at the Library

Here are a couple of Baby Time rhymes from last week:

Bounce You Here

I bounce you here
I bounce you there
I bounce you, bounce you everywhere.

I tickle you here
I tickle you there
I tickle you, tickle you everywhere.

I hug you here
I hug you there
I hug you, hug you everywhere.

Icky Bicky Soday Cracker

Icky bicky soda cracker,
Icky bicky boo.
Icky bicky soda cracker
Up goes you!

Say Say Oh Baby

Say say oh Baby,
Come here and clap with me
And bring your happy smile
Bounce on my lap a while
Shake shake you hands now
Shake shake your bottom too
And shake your tootsies ten
Lets do it again!

Toddler Time

All the rhymes we did at Toddler Time are in the labels to the right.

Some have asked me where the music I use comes from. I use six discs and program in the sequence for each Toddler Time. The discs are:

Wee Sing 25th Anniversary Edition - This CD has a lot of the songs we sing, including Skidamarink, The Ants Go Marching, Ring Around the Rosie, Hokey Pokey, Looby Loo, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, and others.

Wee Sing Games - This has one of the Freeze Games we do and the Color Song which we do sometimes with the Preschoolers.

Greg and Steve Kids in Motion - This has the other Freeze Game,Body Rock and two Animal Action songs.

Raffi - Singable Songs for the Very Young, 3 disc set. It includes Singable Songs, More Singable Songs, and Corner Grocery Store. I use Shake My Sillies, Brush Your Teeth, The More We Get Together, and a couple we do at Preschool Storytime.

It's not a huge variety, but that's actually good for these little ones. Hearing the same songs over and over means they can learn them, and that mastery is very important and confidence building for toddlers.

Preschool Storytime

Our theme this week was "Silly People." I read:

Crazy Hair Day - by Saltzberg
Pete's a Pizza - by Steig
Silly Sally - by Wood
I Love You, Stinky Face - by McCourt (This was the flannel board story.)
Parts - by Arnold (This was the story with the big puppet.)

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