Friday, September 25, 2009

The Bored Book

Last week I went to hear David Michael Slater, the Portland children's author, at our library. Actually, he has now come out with an adult novel, so I guess he isn't just a children's author anymore. He gave a very enjoyable presentation. I was perusing his display of books and found one that really captured my imagination - you know, What a cool idea! Why didn't I think of that! It's a wordless book called The Bored Book, and it's about two bored children visiting at the grandparents' house. Grandpa shows them a secret passage to the attic where they open a special book that takes them to strange and magical places. The illustrations are captivating, the type that keep you staring at the pages. Unfortunately, the book is so new that our library doesn't have it yet. It's now available at Amazon, maybe at MudPuddles, or you can keep pestering at the front desk til it comes in. Just don't tell them I told you to!

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Anonymous said...

Just so happens that I know who oders the books at the library and it IS on order - two copies!