Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Week at the Library

I love it when the toddlers run up to me to tell me something vitally important, and I work and work to understand what they're trying to say, and I get it! I feel rather proud of myself when I decipher toddler-speak.

Toddler Time

I reintroduced the song "I'm a Little Snowman" this week, and the kids laughed at "Woops! I'm a puddle."

We read:

Slop Goes the Soup: A Noisy Warthog Word Book, by Pamela Duncan Edwards. I wish I'd tried to teach the toddlers to say "onomatopoeia"! Slop, gurgle, swish, whoosh, clatter. Great words!
Go Away Big Green Monster!, by Ed Emberley. I did get them to say "Go away!" pretty loud.

Baby Time

I was so thrilled to have a baby walk his first three steps in a row to me! He had taken a step or two the week before, but this was three steps in a row for the first time - to me! I feel so privileged.

Our book this week was Mama Mama, by Jean Marzollo. Very sweet - with photographs of mama animals taking care of their babies.

Preschool Storytime

Our theme was "Weather" this week, so we had stories about mud, rainbows, sun and wind.

We started with one of my favorite authors, Robert Munsch. Mud Puddle is after Jule Ann, and she must find away to keep it from jumping on her head.

A Rainbow of My Own, by Don Freeman. Wouldn't it be fun to play with a rainbow?

In the Middle of the Puddle, by Mike Thaler. (A local author!) What's the next size up from a puddle? (A pool) A pond? (A lake)

I told the Aesop's Fable "The Sun and the Wind" with a stick puppet sun and wind. It was one child's favorite story of the day.

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