Sunday, December 12, 2010

A New Theme

Maybe I should do a Storytime on it. The kids certainly seem to be interested in it. Every week several children spend a good portion of Storytime or Toddler Time occupied in that way. It's definitely universal. I love the picture in No, David! that always gets the laughs from the kids. It finally hit home last week when I was holding hands with a little guy, and he noticed his nose was running. I guess he didn't want to let go, so he just used the back of my hand to wipe his nose. Convenient. I'm just glad I keep hand sanitizer in the closet.

"Boogers." The kids would love it! Just think of the flannelboard stories! I'll get going on the props right away.

1 comment:

The Halgren's said...

Haha, especially this time of year! I think I always find boogers randomly wiped on my clothes! I am all for this idea!