Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Week at the Library

I guess I was a failure this week. At the end of Preschool Storytime (which I thought had gone swimmingly), two boys were standing in front of me, waiting for their hand stamps. One boy said to the other, "I didn't like Storytime today." His friend said, "Yeah, I didn't either. It was boring." First boy said, "Yeah. It was boring." Sigh........

Preschool Storytime

So I'll be looking for some better books on elephants now. I thought they were pretty good, but maybe I spent a little too much time teaching them the difference between Asian elephants (small ears, heart shaped head) and African elephants (big ears, round heads).

Elmer, by David McKee. I love making the kids jump when Elmer says, "BOOOO!"
A Turtle in the Toilet, by Jonathan Emmett. Pop-up books are a hit every time.
Little Elephant, by Miela Ford. We talked about the difference between real and pretend in our books. The elephant in this book is real because the pictures are photographs of a real elephant.
Just a Little Bit, by Ann Tompert. This book is pretend because the elephant is wearing clothes and sitting on a swing. I like the gentle lesson this book teaches about the value of every effort, no matter how small. We also noticed the mistake in this book - the lion has a mane, but the text refers to it as "she."

We had fun with the song "Animal Action" from my Greg and Steve CD. You can find the full title in the labels to the right.

Toddler Time

I just love how joyful the children are! If only we could capture and hold on to that joy over simple things into adulthood. I sometimes tell my own children, "Never lose your sense of play."

We read:

Clip-Clop, by Nicola Smee. Books like this amaze me with their ability to create a story arc and suspense in about 500 words.
Pete's a Pizza, by William Steig. It's interesting how the two-year-olds can't quite figure out if Pete really was made into a pizza, and the three-year-olds totally get the joke.

Baby Time

Friendships formed and milestones celebrated. Need I say more?

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