Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Week at the Library

Preschool Storytime

It was another one of those weeks where I had more books than I had time. Sometimes I wish Storytime could go for an hour. But I don't think I'd have an audience by the end of it.

Our theme was "Scary Things" this week in honor of Halloween. Some little ones are frightened by the images around them this time of year, so I thought some stories that reassure would be appropriate. We read:

Can't You Sleep Little Bear, by Martin Waddell. Little Bear (he's the little bear) is scared of the dark, and Big Bear (he's the big bear) can't figure out what to do about it, until he remembers the moon and the stars that light up the dark outside.
Scaredy Cat, by Joan Rankin. Scaredy Cat is scared of lots of things, until he plucks up his courage and swats that hairy spider.
Wemberly Worried, by Kevin Henkes. Wemberly worries and worries, especially about the first day of school. There she finds a friend who helps her forget (most of) her worries.
Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. The kids got to be Wild Things and roar and gnash and roll and show all their scary parts.
Dinosaurs' Halloween, by Liza Donnelly. A little boy and his dog dress up as dinosaurs, then meet a real dinosaur who trick-or-treats with him. Some bullies try to take their candy, and the little dino calls for help from the big dinos, who chase away the bad boys.

Toddler Time

You all were great Hokey Pokey-ers this week! Our stories were:

Cookie's Week, by Cindy Ward. I always get a big laugh from the first page. "On Monday, Cookie fell in the toilet." One boy decided every page was just as funny, which was even funnier than the book!
My Car, by Byron Barton. The kids had fun saying "Hi Sam! Bye Sam!" and learning to say "pedestrian."

Baby Time

We had to say goodbye to a parent going back to work next week. No fair! We should all be allowed to take 18 years off to enjoy raising our kids. That would be okay, wouldn't it?

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