Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Week at the Library

Preschool Storytime

We had stories about growing up and getting bigger this week. We even got to have baby show-and-tell! Thanks to you moms who shared your babies and toddlers. The kids really enjoyed that. Our stories were:

Oh My Baby Bear, by Audrey Wood. Baby Bear becomes Little Bear when he learns to dress himself, feed himself, bathe himself, and put himself to bed. But he's NOT too old for a bedtime story. Yay!
Parts, by Tedd Arnold. I love this book! I also get to tell it with a giant boy storyprop, but the pictures in the book are awfully fun. There's a sequel More Parts too.
Pig Pig Grows Up, by David McPhail. Pig Pig insists he's still a baby until he saves the day and everyone tells him what a big, brave pig he is.
Tell Me What It's Like to be Big, by Joyce Dunbar. It sounds a little scary to be big and have to do all those big things, but cuddling with Mommy takes the scary away.
You'll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch, by Pat Hutchins. I read this story only on Tuesday - ran out of time on Wednesday. Titch gets hand-me-downs that are way too big so Dad takes him shopping for new clothes to wear when Mom brings home the new baby. Titch decides to hand his clothes down to the baby.

Toddler Time

I'm still plugging the Tuesday at 9:30 Toddler Time! Lots of room! We can do things like blow bubbles and have TWO maracas or pompoms!

We read:

Slop Goes the Soup!, by Pamela Duncan Edwards. Can you say onomatopoeia? Can you spell it? (I had to look it up.) Ah-Choo! Slop. Slither. Crash. Whoosh. Giggle. Rattle. Splash. All good sound words.
Go Away Big Green Monster, by Ed Emberly. Lots of loud "Go aways!" But no one cried this time! I did see one child put his fingers in his ears. Wait! Now I remember we made a baby cry. So sorry....

Baby Time

We had to make our circle bigger to fit everyone in this week! I'm so happy to see the new moms. We talked about how singing a counting song doesn't mean we expect our babies to learn to count. This is where hearing those words starts, and with many repetitions our babies will start to recognize the words until he/she can learn to say them too.

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