Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm So Blessed

As many people do in January, I've been loooking back over my life in 2009. How blessed I am! First of all, my family is happy, healthy and productive. My husband still has a job, and a secure one. My daughters are doing very well in school, actually love their schools, and have great friends. They are happy in their extracurricular activities and have chosen ones that contribute to society.

And I have the best job in the world! How many "Storylady" jobs are there in the world? Not very many! And I have one in a great town with tons of kids who have parents who value enriching their kids' lives with activities that can make a difference for years to come. I get to come to the library to be greeted with huge smiles, hugs and whoops of joy. I get to see kids who start off as shy, don't-budge-from-the-lap introverts turn into "GUESS WHAT! I'M WEARING SPIDERMAN UNDERPANTS!!" types.

And the benefits of my job don't stop at the library. At Target, the grocery store, or out for a walk with my dog, I see my little friends and get a moment of cheer. Even when they hide their faces in shock at seeing me away from the library, it's fun to get to say hi.

My job has grown from one preschool storytime a week thirteen years ago to two preschool storytimes, four Toddler Times and one Baby Time, with lots of help from the Friends of the Library along the way. A big Thank You to them! Thirteen years ago when I heard the library was looking for a storylady, I thought "Hey, I'll volunteer! What a blast!" Turns out it's a paid position. Even better! Now it's my little career (considering how few hours per week it actually takes) and I'm the luckiest lady in town. Thank you all, and thank you God!


The Halgren's said...

I think we are the lucky ones! My kids LOVE the storytimes and always look forward to them! Its the only thing they constantly beg to go to!!! Thank you for doing it! You are the best!!!!!!

Erin said...

I agree with Lauren, Thank you Miss Teresa!