Saturday, November 14, 2009

We Set a New Record!

Wow! On Thursday we had 54 kids and 35 adults for Toddler Time! Please know that was not the norm (obviously, since it was a record), and it was most likely due to the library being closed the day before. If you or your child was rather blown away by the crowd, try again next week and I'm sure it will be much less intimidating. Then again, maybe your child thought it was awesome to be part of such a high energy group! Every child is different, and figuring that out is part of the fun.

Toddler Time

No new rhymes, though I was a little embarrassed when I intended to do a new fall-themed rhyme and I couldn't remember how it started.

Thanks to the mom who jumped up to help pass out the maracas! That saved a few minutes with that many kids. And I'm sorry that we couldn't do Ring Around the Rosie like I meant to. It just wouldn't have worked with 90 people trying to walk in a circle.

Preschool Storytime

It's too bad we didn't have Preschool Storytime on Wednesday. I introduced a new theme of "Staying Healthy." When I scheduled it, I didn't realize the Library would be closed that Wednesday. I found some fun new books on the subject of germs and catching colds.

Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo by Redmond. This was particularly fun because Felicity Floo, after wiping her nose with her hand, leaves nasty, shiny green handprints all over the animals at the zoo and makes them come down with such BIG colds that they name it the "Floo".

Germs Are Not For Sharing by Verdick. This talks about using a tissue, washing your hands to the ABC song, and refraining from kisses when you have a cold.

Farm Flu by Bateman. A cute story about a child trying to take care of all the sick animals on the farm until he notices how much they're enjoying being catered to. When he tells them "No more TV, popcorn and games," they miraculously are cured!

Harold's Runaway Nose by Sonnenschein. Poor Harold freaks out when his mom give him medicine to "get rid of his red stuffy nose" and then tells him it's running. He takes off to find his missing nose.

I passed out a tissue to each child and we did the "Touch Your Nose" rhyme and sneezed into it. We also did Greg & Steve's "Freeze Game."

Baby Time

Did you know that babies can learn music as early as in the womb? I read a story about a man who was the son of a professional cellist. He heard a piece of classical music for the first time, but couldn't figure out why it was so familiar to him. Turns out his mother had rehearsed it while pregnant with him.

I point this out to say that it's never too early to bring your baby to Baby Time. Even if they can't quite hold their heads up, they're hearing and learning the music, rhythms and language. It all counts!

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