Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Scary Week at the Library

No, not really. We just read stories about being scared.

Preschool Storytime

Our stories were about scary things - the dark, being worried, being separated from Mom, that sort of thing. We read:

Come Along, Daisy - by Simmons. Such a great book for impressing on them how important it is to stay close.
Wemberly Worried - by Henkes. I think we can learn something from this book too!
Zee is Not Scared - by Gay. I got a lot of giggles with this one.
Can't You Sleep Little Bear? - by Waddell. A few kids told me this was their favorite. It's so much fun to read aloud!

I told Go Away Big Green Monster with a velcro puppet. The kids are very good at yelling "Go away!!!"

We also went on a Lion Hunt (like a bear hunt: "We're going on a bear hunt. I'm not afraid!")

Toddler Time

This week we got to do Looby Loo because we didn't have such a huge crowd. Although I think the people that got scared away from Thursday last week came on Wednesday instead. That group was bigger than normal, and we only had about 20 kids on Thursday.

We read a couple of favorites - Dinosaur Roar and Clip, Clop. I love it when some kids come running in and one of the most important things for them to see is which books I'm going to read. Do you realize how valuable that is for them to get all excited about reading when they're two?

Baby Time

Today we were commenting to each other how fun it is that the three six/seven month olds are all sitting up and looking so grown up. They've lost their infant look and are taking on little girl and little boy features. So sweet!

Next week we'll have Storytimes as usual on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, hug your family and thank God for such a blessing!

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