Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh, Those Naughty Kids!

Preschool Storytime was about "Naughtiness" this week, and I wish you could have seen the kids' faces from my perspective. While I read stories about the awful things the main character did, some kids had big grins on their faces and laughed occasionally, while others listened quite seriously, looking very thoughtful. (How I wish I could have read their minds!) Here are the books I read:

Dinofours: It's Time-Out Time, by Steve Metzger - I got this book from a Scholastic book order over ten years ago. The library doesn't have it, and I was surprised that Amazon has only one new copy (for $90.55!) but many used copies starting at $.01. Every time I read this book at Storytime the kids get absolutely silent and motionless. I think they really identify with the character, the setting, and the situation. It's a very realistic book to them. Brendan gets in trouble the way they do, has feelings like they do, gets spoken to the way they do, and struggles with self-control just like them. It has a satisfying ending too.

The Bunnies Are Not in Their Beds, by Marisabina Russo - This got a vote for favorite book on Wednesday.

The Day Jake Vacuumed, by Simon James - This was the first time I've read this. It was recommended by a friend who said it was her son's all-time favorite picture book. I was a little concerned that someone would be frightened that the vacuum sucked everyone up, but that didn't appear to happen.

David Gets in Trouble, by David Shannon - Yes, David is at it again.

My flannel board story was The Cake That Mack Ate, by Rose Robart - It's available as a picture book at the library.

Then we had fun with the naughty Little Bunny Foo Foo and the naughty Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

Toddler Time

The only toddler rhyme not listed in the labels is:

I'm Stretching Very Tall

I'm stretching very tall
And now I'm very small
Now tall, now small
Now I'm a tiny ball.

Baby Time

We don't do as many different rhymes at Baby Time as at Toddler Time, but that's on purpose. Studies show that babies are drawn to rhythm, rhyme and repetition, so having a more limited number of rhymes that the babies hear over and over is more beneficial to them than if they heard something different every time they came. Those little brains are soaking it all up incredibly fast, and they get more pleasure from hearing familiar tunes and rhymes than from new ones. So know that even if you're bored with the same old stuff, your baby isn't!

Parents of toddlers or preschoolers and babies - don't be afraid to try Baby Time with your older one. We have toys set aside for them so they can be occupied while you bounce the baby on your lap.

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