Thursday, April 7, 2011

This Week at the Library

I am SO, SO ready for some spring weather. At least it's getting more colorful outside, even if the sky isn't cooperating. The children's faces cheer me up every time, though. There's nothing better than seeing a little one race into the room, like the little girl last week: "INCOMING! Gracie's here! Gracie's here!" How can that possibly keep from bringing a smile to your face?

Baby Time

Wow! 18 babies plus assorted older siblings. It was a carpet full of babies. The overturned toy tub was a source of infinite fascination for a few of them, pounding, banging with toys, sliding it around. They loved it.

Our book was Counting Kisses by Karen Katz. She has written and illustrated many, many board books. This one would be especially good during a quiet time at home, where you can have fun doing what you see in the pictures - kissing toes, belly button, chin, etc.

Toddler Time

HUGE group on Thursday morning, but everyone so well behaved (including you parents!). It's funny how each session of Toddler Time has its own personality. The Wednesday group is very quiet, and the early Tuesday group is younger than the others so they respond very differently from the later Tuesday group. Sometimes I feel like I'm putting on a show all by myself with the early group when they just stand and watch me do a song or fingerplay. Kinda funny!

Our books were:

Cookie's Week, by Cindy Ward. Cookie got LOTS of laughs this time.

How Do I Put It On?, by Shigeo Watanabe. I think there's a definite developmental point where kids start to think this book is funny. Little ones just stare. The 2 1/2, and three-year-olds crack up.

Preschool Storytime

We tried very hard to get excited about Spring this week, but we also complained a bit about the rain (well, I did anyway). A couple of the books helped us/me do that.

In the Rain With Baby Duck, by Amy Hest. Poor Baby Duck likes the rain even less than I do, but she finds boots and an umbrella make all the difference.

First the Egg, by Lauren Vaccaro Seeger. This cut-out guessing game book was pretty popular. I figured it fits the Spring theme since it has an egg, a tadpole, a butterfly and a flower in it. Those are Spring things!

Red Rubber Boot Day, by Mary Ray. Fun things to do inside, then fun jumping in puddles!

It's Spring!, by Else Minarik. This is a pretty old book (1989), but the kids really enjoy the one-upsmanship between the two cats.

When Will It Be Spring?, by Catherine Walters. Little Bear keeps getting fooled by what look like butterflies, birds, and the sun. The final illustration of the real spring is gorgeous. It has me asking "When will it be Spring?"

We did the "Rain For the Garden" fingerplay and played the "Freeze Game" from the Greg & Steve CD. (I think I may have said "Rain on the green grass" for the first line by mistake.)

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Trina said...

Thanks for your baby time!!! We all love it! You are well known and loved in the community and beyond! Everyone knows you and loves your storytimes! It is definitely a highlight of our week!