Friday, February 25, 2011

Why I Mostly Just Read Books

I read about, hear about, and watch many storytellers who like to just tell their stories, as opposed to reading them. Sometimes they use props or the flannelboard. Sometimes they just dramatize the story with movement. Many library storytimes also include doing a craft. I think that's fine, and I like using the flannelboard and occasionally telling a story with a prop, but I really like for my preschool storytimes to center on books. To me, the most valuable idea kids can take away from storytime is that there are some great books out there. I want them to love coming to storytime because they'll get to listen to exciting stories with interesting pictures, and then they'll get to go to the library and check out their own books. I want them to ask to be read to because they know they'll get to hear stories that are funny, or interesting or even a little scary. They'll be excited to learn to read because then they'll be able to read great books by themselves whenever they want. And as adults, hopefully they'll have formed a lifelong love of reading. Those who love to read never need to be bored, and never stop learning. How awesome is that?

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