Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Week at the Library

Since I'm writing this on Wednesday, I'll say one more time NO STORYTIMES on Thursday, February 10.

We had a very nice Tuesday and Wednesday, though. I've noticed another big crop of twins coming along. A few years ago there were 10-12 sets of twins coming regularly to the library for the various Storytimes. Then they grew up and moved on, but now we're back to, let's see, at least six sets, plus some triplets. I love it!

Preschool Storytime

In honor of upcoming Valentine's Day, we had a "Friendship" theme. We read:

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, by Jacky Davis. This is a book (actually seven in the series now) that I WISH I had written. It has all the themes I love: playing with imagination, learning to play cooperatively, strong and positive self-esteem, and high drama!

Little Beaver and the Echo, by Amy MacDonald. Children love it when they figure something out before the character in the book does. They grinned when Little Beaver kept looking for the Echo.

What Are Friends For?, by Sally Grindley. Jefferson Bear and Figgy Twosocks have a falling out, but manage to apologize and make up.

I told the story Benny's Pennies, by Pat Brisson, on the flannelboard. The storyprop makes this simple story fun.

Toddler Time

We did some great Ring Around the Rosie this week! I love it when I see the little ones start to organize their own games of Ring Around the Rosie. One group tried and tried, but the little boy only wanted to fall down, so it made the games very short.

Our books were:

Here Are My Hands, by Bill Martin and John Archambault. We make this book active by showing all the body parts the book names, including waving our feet in the air!

Spot Bakes a Cake, by Eric Hill. The last lift-the-flap Spot book on my shelf. I wish you parents could see their faces brighten at the page where Spot puts on all the frosting.

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