Friday, January 7, 2011

This Totally Awesome Week at the Library!

We had our first Symphony Storytime on Wednesday and I absolutely loved it! Can I use a few more exclamation marks?!!!! Ken Finch, cello player for the Oregon Symphony, joined us and wowed us with his superb playing and "soundtrack" skills. He demonstrated for the children how low and how high a cello can play, and showed us his bow, taking the end off so the horse hairs went slack and looked just like a horse's tail. He played an amazing piece written by a Portland composer (didn't get the name) in which he strummed his cello almost like a guitar.

I read Berlioz the Bear, by Jan Brett, and Ken made wonderful buzzing noises, tuning noises, and hurry-hurry noises before finishing with "The Danube Waltz" and "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee."

Next I read Rain Talk, by Mary Serfozo. Ken made lots of rain noises by bowing in different places, tapping his fingers on the body, and plucking the strings.

Finally I read Mole Music, by David McPhail. This was the most wonderful piece of all. Ken illustrated the book perfectly with his music, starting with the screeching sound of a beginning violin student, progressing through scales and simple songs, to soaring melodies, ending with "Ode to Joy," and Brahm's lullaby.

Every child who wished it got a chance to make music on a violin or viola, and there were a lot! We had to turn a few people away, so if you're planning on coming this Wednesday, get there early for a ticket.

I can't wait for our clarinetist!

Preschool Storytime

On Tuesday we had our regular Storytime, and this week was a first for a "Wolves" theme. We read:

The Lamb Who Came For Dinner, by Steve Smallman. The hungry wolf wants to eat the lamb, but falls in love with the poor little thing instead.
The Wolf Who Cried Boy, by Bob Hartman. Mmmm, Three Pig Stew and Granny Smith Pie. But the little wolf would rather have Boychops.
Suddenly!, by Colin McNaughton. The wolf is always just about to pounce, but Preston lucks out every time.

We did the story "Let's Play in the Forest" on the flannelboard, and the kids had fun with the chant.

Toddler Time

I'm very pleased to see how many of the little ones are learning to ask politely for the color noisemaker they want. I try to make a big deal out of it. It's such a valuable thing to learn.

I read:

Good Morning, Sam, by Marie-Louise Gay. I think many of the children can relate to trying to get dressed by themselves and having a bit of a hard time.
Eyes, Nose, Fingers and Toes, by Judy Hindley. They really got into doing the movements with me this time.

Baby Time

We have one little girl almost ready to graduate to Toddler Time. How does that happen so fast? But we still have a big contingent of 6-8 month olds, so they'll be around for a while. Some crawl, some scoot, some log-roll. It's fun to see the different ways they've figured out how to get from point A to point B.

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