Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Funny Story

I don't usually tell personal stories unrelated to Storytime, but I couldn't pass this up. I was out of town all weekend and came home Monday afternoon. My poor husband was sick in bed - not getting up at all, not wanting to talk.

This morning I got up to get my daughter off to school. Hubby still not up. On the kitchen counter was a small brown paper bag. Inside I found a beautifully decorated cookie - icing, sprinkles, the works. I knew hubby had assisted at a women's brunch at church on Saturday, so I figured he brought this little gem home for me or my daughter. I decided to put it in my daughter's lunch for her dessert.

Between storytimes this morning I noticed a text from Dave. "Did you know the cookie in the paper bag on the counter was a dog cookie for Harley?" Uh-oh! Actually, I busted up laughing! I asked him if Lauren knew it was a dog cookie. No, he said, and I think you should call her. I considered that - hmmm, call her to warn her not to eat it, or let her find it, possibly take a bite, and have a great story to tell when she gets home? I was leaning toward the great story when Dave said he really thought I should call. So I called the school office and told it all to my friend the secretary. She laughed pretty hard too. She called the classroom and asked to talk to Lauren. Of course the class was extremely curious as they watched her face, and she got to tell a pretty good story after all. They laughed, and one boy asked if he could have the cookie. No, she said, the dog gets it.


Bound and Determined said...

I couldn't deprive Harley of a treat! Haha, that was funny. Mrs. Ivans was actually the one who asked me to tell the class what happened.

Bronwyn said...

LOVE this story!!! This is one to be shared for years to come!!!

The Halgren's said...

HAHAHAHA!!! You are a way nicer mom than me. I would've seen if she ate it. If I ever have her babysit then I am going to leave a fancy cookie for her :)