Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Week at the Library

I had a question about the music I use at Toddler Time. If you'd like the names and titles of the CD's, go to the label on the right side of the page and look for "CD's I Use." I know the list is getting really long, but if you hunt around, you'll find the song, rhyme or book you're looking for. If not, leave a comment and I'll post the info.

Preschool Storytime

Our theme this week was "Friendship" in honor of Valentine's Day. We love our friends, right? And there's lots to learn about finding friends and getting along with each other. I got to read two new-to-me books that I absolutely love.

A Visitor for Bear, by Bonny Becker. This book is SO funny and sweet. Bear does not want visitors, but a persistent little mouse wears him down until he discovers a friend is a good thing. (I just found out there's a second book about this bear and mouse, A Birthday for Bear. I'm requesting it immediately!)

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, by David Soman. This book hits right at the heart of dramatic play (a teacherish word) and what makes it SO FUN! My favorite scene is when Ladybug Girl jumps on the mean robot's head and Bumblebee Boy stings it with his stinger. TAKE THAT!!

A Friend for Minerva Louise, by Janet Morgan Stoeke. I just love Minerva Louise, and the kids think she's so funny. There are eight books about her.

One book I really wanted to read but didn't have time for is What Are Friends For, by Sally Grindley & Penny Dann. This is a sweet and real book about two friends getting mad at each other and saying the dreaded "You're not my friend any more!" They regret it and make up, but it's told in language children can definitely relate to. Pffft! to School Library Journal who thought it was predictable and not very compelling. Three-year-olds need predictable!

Toddler Time

Kudos to the Thursday morning Toddler Time parents! After I talked for a moment about how parents model how to act in a class setting, they clapped and sang like they were in a choir competition! I loved it! The kids had huge smiles on their faces too.

I brought back an old rhyme:

Bubbly Bubbles

Bubbly, bubbly, bubbly bubbles.
Filled to the top.
Listen to the bubbly bubbles,
Pop! Pop! Pop!

I cringed when we did This Little Piggy and one child volunteered that her favorite food is ham. "This little piggy had ham. This little piggy had none." Hmmm, cannibal piggies.

Baby Time

One benefit to doing bouncy lap rhymes is that when you bounce your baby on each syllable of the rhyme, you're helping your child learn to hear the parts of words. This is a skill that's needed in learning to read. A child needs to be able to hear d-o-g to be able to sound-blend the letters together when he learns to read it. Same with being able to write the word. He has to hear each sound to match it to the correct letter, to then write the correct letter. Yes, this skill can start at 4 months old!

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