Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This Week's Fingerplays

Do these with your child this week. They'll love it! Let me know through the comments if there's one I missed.

Touch Your Nose

Touch your nose.
Touch your chin.
That's the way this game begins.
Touch your thighs.
Touch your knees.
Now pretend you're going to sneeze. (Achoo!)
Touch your hair.
Touch your ears.
Touch your two lips right here.
Touch your elbows where they bend.
That's the way this touch game ends.

Wiggly Worm

Wiggly is a little worm who wiggles everywhere.
Can you keep your eyes on him as he wiggles here and there?
Wiggly starts down at my toes
And wiggles right up to my nose.
He wiggles back down without a peep,
Creeps into my pocket and goes to sleep.

Stretch Up to the Ceiling

We stretch up to the ceiling,
And reach out for the walls.
We bend to touch our knees and toes,
Then stand up straight and tall.

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