Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Parade

I want to invite you to the Woodhaven 4th of July Parade. This is such a fun parade, much more participant than spectator oriented. Kids of all sizes put on their patriotic colors and decorate whatever transportation they have available to walk the parade. There are bikes, trikes, scooters, wagons and strollers. Even family pets get dolled up and join the fun! Lately the parade has grown to the point that a fire truck leads the way and a police officer follows up. If I remember right, the mayor even rode last year. Wow! We've really arrived in the big time! If you want to be in it, meet at McConnell Court at 9:30am. If you want to watch, find a spot anywhere on Fitch, Pinehurst or Woodhaven Drive. I'll be looking for my little friends!

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