Thursday, June 4, 2009

How To Keep 25 Toddlers Motionless and Silent

I'm only exaggerating a little.

I have a shelf of Toddler Time books that I pull from every week. 2 books for a 30 minute program is about all the little ones have the attention for in a group setting, but I have found which books keep them glued in place and which have them wandering the room. Here's my list of favorite Toddler Time books (in their opinion):

Dear Zoo - by Rod Campbell (Great repetitive language, funny ideas, and flaps!)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle (Kids get to say "But he was still hungry!" Chomp, Chomp)

The Very Busy Spider - Eric Carle (Fun animal voices, plus kids get to say the repeating line and feel the pages.)

From Head to Toe - Eric Carle (We get to stand up and do everything the book says.)

How Many Bugs in a Box? - David Carter (Who can resist the praying mantises? And those scary saw-bugs! Quick! Slam the book shut!)

Opposites - Robert Crowther (The moving parts hold their attention for an amazingly long time.)

Freight Train - Donald Crews (Beautiful and simple. Don't know why, but you could hear a pin drop when I read it.)

Go Away Big Green Monster - Ed Emberley (Yelling is so much fun. But I have had a couple of kids cry.)

A Turtle in the Toilet - Jonathan Emmett (Pop ups are irresistible. And who doesn't laugh at a turtle in the toilet or a skunk under the bed?)

Spot Goes to the Park - Eric Hill (ANY of the lift-the-flap Spot books.)

Rosie's Walk - Pat Hutchins (Did Rosie see the fox? "NO!")

No David - David Shannon (Kids are amazed at the naughty things David does. And seeing him run down the street naked is hysterical.)

Come Along, Daisy - Jane Simmons (The suspense is killing them.)

Clip, Clop - Nicola Smee (Good repetitive phrases and a funny ending.)

Pete's a Pizza - William Steig (Seeing a boy made into a pretend pizza is a real brain twister.)

Dinosaur Roar - Paul Stickland (Dinosaurs and opposites, plus funny voices, and it's a winner.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thank you for this wonderful list! We have read several of them, but many are new to us too. What a treat for a rainy Friday! Thank you!

bridget in oregon said...

My girls LOVED all the "No, David, No" books and "Pete's A Pizza". I

t's funny how some books become the classics and others that are just as wonderful, don't.