Friday, June 5, 2009

And Then...

Madison grabbed her crayons and sprawled on the floor of her bedroom with her new coloring book. This one was going to be good. It showed scenes from her absolute all-time favorite movie, the one she had talked her parents into letting her see three times.

She opened the book to the first picture. It was perfect. There were her favorite character and the nasty villain. Madison set to work with the utmost care, glad to have a box of 96 crayons to choose from. Just as she put the finishing touches on the last bit of background, the picture seemed to go a bit blurry. It was swimming in her vision. She rubbed her eyes and looked again. The two characters looked right back at her. They blinked.

And then...

Write your own ending! Grab your kids and ask them how they'd end the story. Keep asking "And then what happened? And then what happened?"

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Anonymous said...

The Eye of Sauron stared at her, its snakelike pupil glaring into her eyes.
"I see you," Madison heard, the horrible voice making her head pound. Her gaze was locked on the fiery red eye, though she struggled to tear them away. Everything around her seemed to swirl into a mix of colors and shadowy shapes. "You cannot escape," Sauron breathed. Madison tried to close her eyes, to escape, but she couldn't. She felt herself being dragged away from where she sat, dragged toward the eye.
"No!" she screamed. Her entire body vibrated, but the force driving her to Sauron was too strong.
Finally, with a massive effort, she closed her eyes and turned away.

"Sssh!" someone hissed into Madison's ear. It was then that she realized she was screaming. She clamped her mouth shut and tentatively opened her eyes.
Two large, beautiful blue eyes stared back at her. The face they belonged to was blackened with dirt and scarred in various places. The face was young and filled with mixed fear and concern.
"Who is she, Mr. Frodo?" a male voice asked. Madison was sure she had heard it before.
"I'm not sure," the someone standing over Madison replied. "But I don't think she means any harm."
Madison struggled to sit up and look at her surroundings. All around her was desolate rocky terrain, and in the distance a massive mountain. She and the someone with blue eyes were hiding behind a rock. Madison wondered why. When she turned to look at the stranger, she saw he had two familiar companions.
"Frodo, Sam, and Gollum," Madison breathed. "Oh my gosh. I'm in my coloring book." Frodo, Sam, and Gollum stared back at her with looks of utter fear and confusion on their faces.

Not to be continued...