Saturday, July 23, 2011

This Week at the Library

My Book Launch Party is this Thursday at 6:30 in the Community Room. I hope to see you there! My daughter Sara and I brainstormed some great interactive ideas for the children at the party, which I think will be a ton of fun.

Preschool Storytime

This week while I was sitting in my chair chatting with the kids before it was time to start, there were two little boys who like to sit right up front at my feet. I was wearing sandals and had just painted my toenails a bright color. They noticed them, and one of the boys stared for a second. Then he reached his finger out and touched my big toe. He giggled and turned to the boy next to him and stage-whispered, "I touched her feet! Hee hee! I touched her feet!" I reminded me of the scene in "Finding Nemo" when one of the little fishies says, "I touched the butt!"

I wonder if these children know how much they entertain me?

Our theme this week was "The Beach." We read:

Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal, by Jane Simmons. I think the kids could relate to not finding anyone to play with, and not being able to get attention when they need it.

How Will We Get to the Beach?, by Brigitte Luciani. This book is a "guess what's missing from the picture" game.

Lottie's New Beach Towel, by Petra Mathers. I like this story, but the illustrations aren't the best for a group storytime. They're quite tiny. However, one boy told me it was his favorite story.

I used the flannelboard for Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister.

I also pulled out a great collection of seashells for the children to hold and inspect. They practiced trading with each other.

Toddler Time

I loved the little guy who arrived just after we had started the first song. He came barreling in, "Wait for me!!" Of course we will!

We read:

Spot Bakes a Cake, by Eric Hill. Some kids said they'd made a cake, some cookies, one girl says she makes dinner.

Pots and Pans, by Patricia Hubbell. I reminded the parents again how pulling out the pots, pans, lids and spoons is a great activity for children. Of course you need "boundaries," but it's a great learning activity. Big pot, deep sound. Little pot, high sound. Different sounds for a wooden spoon, plastic spoon, and metal spoon.

Baby Time

We had mostly 12-16 month-olds this week, which is unusual. They weren't too interested in the book time, which didn't surprise me, but they sure loved the bubbles!

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