Monday, March 7, 2011

I Scared Another One

A few weeks ago, we were moving along with "Animal Action" from Greg and Steve, pretending to be horses, birds, frogs, etc. We came to the "move like a lion" part and got down on all fours, prowling and roaring. I think it's fun to add a little excitement by picking out a little friend who comes often and is very comfortable with me, then saying "I'm going to eat you!" I very gently pounce on him/her and say "Yum yum!" This time I guess I chose the wrong little boy. He ran to his mom's lap and hid his face. Mom smiled and let me know she wasn't mad. Whew!

A couple of weeks later we started "Animal Action" again. The same little boy ran up to me and said quite urgently, "Please don't eat me!" I assured him I wouldn't. Sigh....

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