Saturday, August 21, 2010

This Week at the Library

First, I have to tell you about another adorable book I ran across. The Tushy Book, by Fran Manushkin. "Life is comfy, you will find, when you have your own behind. Sitting down would NOT be cushy, if you didn't have your tushy!" Irresistable!

Preschool Storytime

This was Beach/Ocean week, so we got to look at some beautiful seashells and practice sharing and trading.

We read:

Sam's Snack, by David Pelham. This "book" is a wonderful pop-up contraption that resembles a lunchbox that opens, with each page inside showing a portion of Sam's lunch sabotaged with some awful stuff found on the beach. This book isn't available at the library, and on Amazon it's priced at a ridiculous $49.99 new. (You can also buy a used one for $112.86 if you really want to.)

Sand Cake, by Frank Asch. I read this one only on Wednesday. Baby Bear has to figure out how to eat the sand cake Papa Bear fixed for him.

How Will We Get to the Beach?, by Brigitte Luciani. This is a fun guessing book, where the children have to figure out what object is missing on each page.

Lottie's New Beach Towel, by Petra Mathers. This one I read only on Tuesday. Lottie's new beach towel comes in handy as something to keep her feet cool, a sail, and a bridal veil.

I told the story of "Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister, on the flannel board.

Toddler Time

It's funny how different groups of children have different "personalities." Some groups are boisterous, some are quiet, some have lots of interaction with me, some don't want to make eye contact. That's what keeps my job interesting!

This week we read:

Rosie's Walk, by Pat Hutchins. Talk about personalities! The kids this week were squealing over Rosie not seeing the fox that was after her.
The Seals on the Bus, by Lenny Hort. Each of the four groups was different in how they interacted with this book. One did the animal noises at the top of their lungs, while another let me do all the work. Funny!

Baby Time

I've heard comments occasionally that indicate some moms think they have to wait until their babies are six months old or so to bring them to Baby Time. You absolutely don't have to wait that long. I'd say as soon as they can hold their heads up, they can enjoy the songs, rhymes and interaction. Language learning begins in the womb (they can learn music!), so don't wait to get started!

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