Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to Normal

We're back on a normal schedule this week at the library. I had a fantastic vacation at Eagle Crest in Redmond. My family took our boat and stayed in a nice condo. We took the first day to relax at the pool, then cruised and played at Prineville and Billychinook Reservoirs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday we took a day trip to Crater Lake. In over thirty years of living in Oregon, my husband and I have only tried once before to visit there, and it was closed due to snow - in August! This time it was a gorgeous 80 degree day and the four of us thoroughly enjoyed it. We did the Rim Drive and saw so many amazing volcanic features. And my loved ones even let me stop to read the historical markers, but only because I was willing to endure the eye-rolling and teasing. Hey - I'm informed and they're ignorant, so there! On Friday we took another day to relax, play the 18 hole putting course (I won!) and eat out in Bend. My big girl's boyfriend got to come over from Sisters to join us, so that was nice. Saturday was another fun day on the water at Billychinook followed by a crazy game of "Monkey in the Middle" in the pool after dinner, we three girls against my husband and the boyfriend. The girls claimed victory, but I'm afraid we lied. Today I realized you could have sore laughing muscles.

Now it's home for laundry and grocery shopping, but I'm looking forward to seeing the little ones on Tuesday!

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